Meditation number 109

Earth, earth, earth

“O earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the Lord” (Jeremiah 22:29).

God calls the earth thrice to hear.

…listen O earth… He speaks to the earth firstly, saying “God is” by the things He has made, by the witness of creation. We read in Psalm 19 that without speech nor language their words reach the end of the world (v. 2-3). The apostle Paul reminds us that this unspoken word from God which clearly declares His glory makes known His eternal power and Godhead (Ro. 1:20), leaving mankind without excuse for not having heard and for their sinful idolatry.

…listen earth… He speaks to the earth in the specific revelation He has given to the Jewish nation in the giving of the law which he spoke from heaven (Heb. 12:19). They had the oracles of God, the Old Testament scriptures, the partial written Word of God which reveals His holiness and righteousness and that “God is light” and proves us all to be sinners – every one. “There is none righteous no not one” (Ps. 14:1-3)

…listen earth… Finally, He now speaks to the earth through the Lord Jesus Christ, His beloved son (Heb. 1:1). He reveals his grace, mercy and love and makes Himself fully known through Him that has fully declared Him (John 1:18). “God is love” the cross of Christ has proved and manifested God not only in His attributes but has made know His very nature and person. O hear what He has done in love for you.! “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16

Have you not heard, O Earth?

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