Meditation number 104

Majority of one!

Taken from Gems from my readings no.1493
"Shamgar... slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an oxgoad: and he also delivered Israel."  (Judges 3:31)

        "God often works His wonders through small numbers.  By using minorities the Lord demonstrates that the triumphant victories of His people can be credited  exclusively to the power and guidance of His Spirit.  Joshua had predicted that in the strength of God one man in Israel would be able to put a thousand to flight.  So Shamgar was not afraid when he had to face 600 Philistine warriors with only an oxgoad as a weapon.  He didn't shrink back and say that his tools were insufficient for what appeared to be an impossible job.  Instead, he went forward valiantly with all his might.  Relying upon God's indispensable aid, he single-handedly won a tremendous victory.
    "Someone has written: 'When Joseph was sold into Egypt by his brothers, he was all alone, but in the end he won.  When Samson, blinded by the enemies of God, stood gripping the two middle pillars of the temple of Dagon, he seemed a pathetic and defeated man.  Yet, with the power of God energizing him, he succeeded in pulling down the great building, killing thousands of Philistines -- and thus he won.  When Elijah prayed down fire from Heaven and put the prophets of Baal to shame, he stood alone -- but he won.  When David went out to meet Goliath, in size he was a notable minority -- but he won!'
    "You too are only an individual, but you can be a mighty power for good.  You may not have an oxgoad or a sling, but what do you have in your hand?  A pen?  A needle?  A shovel?  God can make use of it if you will yield yourself wholeheartedly to His will and spirit.  One with God can be a mighty majority!" 

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