Meditation number 94

Divine Astronomy Lesson

When man gazes into the heavens, he measures how small he is and considers all things from his point of view. The biggest star he sees is the sun but according to many renowned astronomers, it is not very big in comparison to millions more much larger stars spread out in the universe. But God’s point of is very different. He made all these things (Isaiah 44:24). In Psalm 19, He tells us that the heavens which declare His glory, He has made to be a tabernacle, a tent, for the sun (v. 4). So the infinite heavens, these immeasurable spaces would serve the simple purpose of containing the sun. The sun, placed by God in relation to earth, occupies the most glorious place. When it appears, all the stars, even the larger, brighter ones, simply disappear from view. God has made the sun to be a picture of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, in His glory. So the apostle Paul, on the way to Damascus saw the Lord in glory, a light from heaven above the brightness of the sun (Acts 26 :13, Mat. 17 :2). So in Ps. 19 verse 5, when it comes out of the tent of the heavens, it comes forth as a bridegroom coming out of his (wedding) chamber as the Lord will when He will be manifested in glory (Col. 3 :4) after the marriage supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19 :6-16) where He will be forever associated with those He has redeemed with his precious blood, the church, His bride. At that time, He will come as a conqueror to submit all nations and their powers to His supreme authority, nothing will be hid from Him (Ps. 19:6). He will rule the millennial day (Gen. 1:16) and His glory replace that of the sun (Rev. 21:23, 22:5).

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