Meditation number 87

Three suppers - two impossibilities

Notice three suppers presented in the New Testament, three suppers which concern the children of God. The first one is the farewell supper of the Lord with His disciples, the very night He was betrayed, a supper He had desired with great desire to eat with them (Luke 22:15) and where He instituted the second supper, the Lord's supper, the one who is still celebrated today according to His express request (1 Co. 11:23). The third supper, we find in Rev.19:9, the marriage supper of the lamb. Two of these suppers present an impossibility for the child of God. At the first of these suppers, it was impossible for us to be there; at the last of these suppers, it is impossible for us who are saved, not to be there. But for the second, one the center one, it is possible for us to be there or not to be there. The responsibility to be present at this supper rest on each of us personally. We are invited there in love by the Lord. To be there or not to be there, that is the question! The measure of our love for Christ gives the answer!

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