Meditation number 81

"Whose I am, and whom I serve."(Acts 27:23)

"Love for Jesus sets one to work. I know no other way."
"All true service must result from the knowledge of Himself".
"The grand secret of power in these days is faith in the presence of the Spirit of God".
"Living to God inwardly is the only possible means of living to Him outwardly. All outward activity not this...tends to make us do without Christ, and brings in self... I dread great activity without great communion."
"What need we have to cast ourselves entirely on Him (the Spirit) in the work, and how simple it is when we do this! There is one thing thatĀ gives strength and that is to keep close to Christ. ...The pressure of the work without that...contracts the heart, tends to make us lose that largeness of heart, that capacity of presenting the love of God freshly to souls." (J.N. Darby)

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