Meditation number 78


The sovereign God does not have to give account of any of His actions. In Romans 9, the Spirit reminds us that God chose Isaac, the son of promise, before his conception (v.9); then for Jacob, he was called while still in his mother's womb (v.11) with his brother Esau; and finally He exercised His mercy towards Moses during his life (v.15). The counsels of God are wonderful and surpass our understanding. We are however called to recognize His sovereign grace toward us and to be thankful that He has called us to the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ. Notice the parallel: we were chosen in Him before the foundation of the world; Paul was set apart for Him from his mother's womb (Ga.1:15), and we have been called while living to turn to the Lord Jesus. The ways of God in grace towards men follow the pattern of his delight in His Son; He was with Him His delight before his birth in the world (Prov. 8), the eye of God rested on Him while in his mother's womb (Ps. 139) and He found all His delight in Him during all his life here below. The Lord Jesus has made possible the accomplishment of all of Gods counsels of divine grace by His death and resurrection. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance (Ro. 11:29); all the promises of God in connection with His calling and election in grace are based on the work and person of Christ, the eternal Son of God. The objects of this sovereign grace are often unworthy of it, but, praise the Lord! His grace abides!

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