Meditation number 75

“Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil. 1:4-5)

Dear fellow believer in the Lord Jesus Christ,

You may not be a gospel preacher; you may be timid and have some other limitation as to speaking to people about the Lord. Here is a simple proposal to encourage you to take part in the work of God in searching for and saving lost souls. Start a gospel revival of your own by becoming a daily sower. Here is how it works:

Prayerfully consider the possibility of giving out one gospel tract a day or the equivalent (i.e. witnessing or verbally sharing the gospel with someone). The tract can be hand delivered, mailed, left on a table, phone booth, put on a car windshield etc. The commitment is simply to share the Gospel in one way or another the equivalent of once a day in whatever form possible. If you skip a day, you just catch up on the following day. Do you think you can make such a commitment to tell others about our wonderful Saviour? The time is short; the opportunity will soon be passed! Why not simply become a daily sower today.
Becoming a daily sower is a personal commitment just between you and the Lord. Then carry out faithfully what you have committed yourself to (giving out a minimum of one tract a day, or 7 a week, or 30 a month), praying for the literature given out. We also suggest you use an agenda or control sheet to follow through with your distribution. Don’t be surprised if you end up sharing the Gospel more frequently; you will be more conscious of the opportunities the Lord sends your way and be exercised to always carry literature with you. We believe this to be a simple, informal and effective way of staying active in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Just a few daily sowers could reach thousands of people in a year. Imagine the potential. Start today!
You can also make photocopies of this sheet and pass it on to other believers, who could also become daily sowers, hand it out, send it by regular mail or email.
If you would like to advise us of your commitment as a daily sower or to submit questions, comments or suggestions, please write to: Le Lien, C.P. 536, St-Hugues Quebec Canada J0H 1N0 or email us at .

Tract Supplies
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