Meditation number 70

Extra-terrestrial invasion

No, it is not about strange beings come from outer space but rather the increasing invasion of earthly things in the life of the children of God. Terrestrial or earthly things, encompassing all aspects of worldliness, also include many things and concerns legitimate in themselves. We live on the earth and earthly things are part of our every day lives down here. But our life is hid with Christ in God and we are called to think on things that are above and not on things on the earth. Those the apostle refers to in Philippians 3:20 had been invaded by terrestrial things to the extent that their walk was that of enemies, not of Christ, but of the cross of Christ. The self denial the Lord Himself had taught his disciples (Mark 8:34) had no place in their lives. Notice the question is not their salvation but their walk; we do not know if these were mere professing Christians or true children of God. At this late hour to which we have now come, the enemy of our souls is trying by every possible mean to occupy our lives, our time, our resources. The remedy to such an invasion is occupation with the things of the Lord. Give Him the first place, the best place and, why not, all the place.

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