Meditation number 56

On 2 Tim. 3:2

Nothing can substitute Christ as the object of the heart without it reflecting on our walk or character. And if "I" becomes its object, consider well 2 Tim. 3:2-5. In verse 2, we find five characteristics of the natural man of the last days, a Christian by name but having only the form of godliness. He is a lover of self, covetous (lover of money), speaking highly of himself, thinking highly of himself and insulting others (blasphemer). "I" is the all absorbing object of the heart. In contrast, if Christ is the true object of the heart, we will be full of love for God and others, generous, humble, reserved, speaking well of others. If I may express the call of the Lord in my own words… to the unconverted - "Look unto me and be ye saved" (cf Isaiah 45:22… and to the converted, -"look unto me and be ye transformed" (cf 2 Cor. 3:18).

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