Meditation number 52


NOTES ON 1 THESSALONIANS This very first epistle of Paul, addressed to the Thessalonians, abounds in teaching about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, our hope; His coming is mentioned in each of the 5 chapters. In chapter 1, His coming is presented as the inspiring hope for the new convert(v 9-10); in chapter 2, the coming of the Lord is the encouraging hope of the servant (v.19-20); in chapter 3, it is the purifying hope for the believer (V. 12-13); in chapter 4, it is the comforting hope of the afflicted (v. 13-18); and finally in chapter 5, it is the awakening hope of those who might fall asleep in view of their complete sanctification, spirit, soul and body (v.23-24). This first epistle, written from Corinth in year 52, to the first Christians, exhorts us now, the last Christians on the scene, to live these last moments which precede the coming of the Lord for His own, in the enjoyment of our true Christian hope, our Lord Jesus and His very very soon coming. "Amen: Come Lord Jesus!" (Rev. 22:20)

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