Meditation number 48

Two inns of Luke

The inn serves as a temporary dwelling while we are away from home.
Luke 2:7 “ There was no room for them in the inn ”: notice that at the coming into the world of the beloved Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, there was no place for Him. It does not say that the inn was full, although we do not doubt that it was, but the Spirit of God says : no place for THEM. Was it because they were the instruments chosen of God to introduce His Well Beloved into the world? This thought should makes us think and better understand our Savior's position in this world (John 1:10). There is no place for Him today in this world. If you go somewhere with your best friend and they would refuse him entrance, would you still go in without him, leaving him outside? This should exercise each one and affect our choice of people and places we associate with.
We find the second inn in Luke 10:34 “ And brought him to an inn and took care of him ”. This inn is a beautiful picture of the assembly, where the Lord takes care of us, where He request the inn keeper, picture of the Comforter, to take care of us and where He teaches us to take care of one another (1 Cor. 12:25). In the first inn, that of the world, there is no room for Him, but they will let you in if you come in without Him, but in contrast, in the second, that of the Lord, the assembly, there is a place for you and me while we wait to take up residence forever in the Fatherís house, in the place He has specially prepared for us there (John 14:2). Which inn would you that He found you in?

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