Meditation number 46


The first chapters of the epistle to the Romans present three aspects of the sinner's justification: the Word of God declares that we are justified by His blood, by His grace and by faith.
BY HIS BLOOD – Rom. 5:9
Here is the sure foundation for the sinner's justification in order that God may be just in so doing. If God arbitrarily justified one man and not another, He would not be just. But by the work of Christ on the cross, He can justly justify any man who seeks effective shelter under the blood of Christ.
BY HIS GRACE – Rom. 3:24
The source of justification is the heart of God from which flows unmerited favor towards lost and guilty creatures. All deserve His wrath and His righteous judgment but He declares just, by sovereign grace, any who believes, wether rich or poor, small or great or of any nationality on earth, God freely gives without there ever being in us anything to draw His favor or mercy upon us.
BY FAITH – Rom. 5:1
Here is the means of justification! The blood of Christ has been shed and is able to purify any sinner drawing near to God by it. The grace of God is the source of this offer! But all this would be of no effect for the lost soul if not receive by faith (Eph. 2:8).
The sinner's justification is a gift from the fullness of God Himself : the Son gave the blood that justifies, the Father gives the grace that justifies and the Spirit gives the faith that justifies, What a marvel for our souls to consider God's unsearchable and perfect ways (Romans 11:33-36)

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