Meditation number 42

The medical bag

Years ago we could would recognize the doctor visiting patients by the medical bag he carried, wherein were the essential instruments for his work. Let's use some of these instruments — but spiritually:
The stethoscope: listen to your heart beat, who does it beat for? Listen then to the heart of the Lord through His Word and through prayer, this will yield spiritual discernment even in the little things of life (Prov. 2:6); it will help tune your heart, to beat in harmony with His, keep it from hardening and getting cold, and enable us to help our brothers and sisters in difficulty.
The thermometer: compare all things with the Word of God in order to know their real temperature; do they warm us up or cool us off towards the things of the Lord; are we cold, hot or lukewarm? (Rev. 3:15-16)
The tongue-depressor enables the examination of the mouth and throat; many diseases and infections can be found there. How's your mouth and tongue? (James 3:2). Any coarseness in the vocal chords?
The small portable light allows the inspection of the eyes; do we have a single eye (Mat. 6:22-23)?
What about the ear? How do we hear (Luc 8:18)? Ears itching? (2 Tim. 4:3).
Any swelling of the head?
And the hand, is it withered (Mat.12:10, Heb. 13:16)?
What about the belly (Tite 1:12)?
And then what about the feet? (1 Kings 15:23, Heb. 12:13).
What is the diagnosis of God as to my true condition; no need here for a second opinion! We know His assessment of the old man (Isaiah 1:5-6); but after a little trecking on the christian path, have we developed some small ailment or even caught or developed something really serious? (3 John 2). It could be something contagious too!
Now, let's be thankful to our loving Father for the perfect treatment, the perfect remedy — Christ; He is our rest and our peace; He alone provides healing of the soul, restoration, strength and power for the path. Neither knowledge nor spiritual gift can by themselves assure us of living for the glory of God; these elements find their usefulness in the measure they serve a life of intimate communion with the Father and the Son. Let us own our true condition and confess our failure and get back to the simple healthy basics of the true life!
Listen to your perfect physician! Use the medication as prescribed! (Mat. 11:28)

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