Meditation number 41

On receiving the Holy Spirit

Anyone can receive the gift of the Spirit of God — the Spirit being the gift itself. However God only gives Him through faith in Jesus Christ, and as a result of this personal faith of heart in Christ and His redemptive work (John 7:39, Eph. 1:13), God then sends the Spirit of his Son into ours hearts by which we cry Abba Father (Gal. 4:6). Make sure you link Galatians 3:2 with Galatians 3:1. Personal faith in a crucified Christ for me is the basis for receiving the Spirit and not faith in the Spirit! Have you believed in the Lord Jesus?

Being Spirit conscious or occupied is not a Spirit filled experience. Being Christ conscious or occupied is a Spirit filled experience (John 16:13). Being conscious of failure in our lives or of a grieved Spirit is a Spirit led experience. He cannot occupy me with Christ when there is something that has displeased the Lord. So He brings us to judge that sin and confess it and find restoration to fellowship and then the Spirit resumes His activity of occupying our heart with Christ, his beauty, his glory and fills our hearts with the love of God, that of the Father and the Son.(Ro. 5:5).

The ministry of the Spirit does not draw attention to Himself but, when ungrieved (individual — Eph. 4:30) or unquenched (collective — 1 Thes. 5:19), to the Father and the Son (John 16:14).

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