Meditation number 39

The king of the mountain…

This is a game the kids around here play in the winter when the tractors have accumulated snow in huge mounds. Someone gets to the top and the game consists in getting him off the top and taking his place. It can be played in teams. This games brings a picture to mind of the saints who have been once enlightened in their hearts with the truth in its highest form as the saints at Ephesus. Once at the top, you need to stay there; so says the exhortation to hold fast and stand firm having overcome all (Eph. 6:13-14 and Rev. 3:11). It is a call to perseverance. To get us down, to have us abandon our position where the grace of God has introduced us, the enemy tries to get our affections on things down here; in another way he would try to discourage us by the apparent indifference, coldness, weakness or failure of those on the mount with us. Let us hold fast turning our eyes away from whatever might attract the old man and let us set our gaze, not on those on the mount with us but on the One who alone can keep and satisfy our hearts (Mat. 28:16). And soon, even if by grace we have been kept on the highest possible mount, we shall rise higher still to meet Him in the air.

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