Meditation number 37

Foundation and Construction

The wise man built his house upon a rock (Mat. 7:24); its foundation was solid. For the child of God, this rock, this sure established ground (1 Pi. 5:10), is the revelation God gives of His Son and of His perfect work through His Word (Mat. 16:16-18). The boards of the tabernacle each had two silver foundation bases or sockets. (Ex. 26:19) – silver is symbolic of redemption. This double foundation reminds us of the Person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ died for our sins. Christ Himself builds on this foundation; what futility then to attempt to build on any other. Water is the primary element used to test the foundation of the house (Mat. 7:25); He Who went through the great waters is the only One who can give the unshakable foundation.

Once the foundation established, we build on it. At this point, we must be careful how we build, with what material. Six are mentioned in 1 Cor. 3:12 – the first three are precious and resist fire while the other three are corruptible and consumed by fire. Gold – the deity of Christ, silver – redemption accomplished through the perfect humanity of Christ, precious stones – manifold glories and infinite perfections of His Person, so many elements which serve the edification of the building of God. Wood – corruptible man, hay – man passing glory, and stubble – dead fruitless stems or straw picturing dead works of the flesh so many materials whose true nature, even when hidden, have no place in the building of God; sooner or later they will be revealed by fire. And the One who went through the fire of the judgment of God for us will build Himself through his servants that which will subsist forever (Ecc. 3;14).

Let us edify on the sure foundation and with the good materials.

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