Meditation number 26

What we say and what we are

The Lord Jesus was absolutely what he said (John 8:25). Paul wanted to be living out what he said and the circumstances allowed of the Lord in his life were allowed for that very purpose(Col. 4;4). The reality of what we say is manifested in a practical way in our life. When there is no practical manifestation of the truth preached, there is no power in our words. Men are quick to uncover and despise “big talkers, small doers”. The faithful men sought out in 2 Tim. 2 :2, able to instruct others must, of necessity, be doers of the Word, blending, like Paul, doctrine and manner of life (conduct) (2 Tim. 3 :10). What was heard and seen in Paul (Phil. 4 :9) will then be heard and seen in these men of which you and I should be part. With us it is never do less and say more but usually, unless one needs to be delivered from a carnal spirit of fear, say less and do more. And if ever we must say even that which we are not living out, may it produce a deep exercise of bringing in line the balance of what we say and do.

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