Meditation number 20

Notes on Philippians

Philippians is the book of Christian experience: it is Christ my experience and my experience of Christ. Paul was in prison; in the midst of the believers, there was envy and strife, each seeking after his own interests and not those of Jesus Christ; some were walking as enemies of the cross of Christ; on the outside there were adversaries, dogs, evil workers. In the midst of all these circumstances, the Christian, as the apostle, is called to experiment Christ as his life. Our deep and continuous joy is not to be interrupted by such difficulties (3:1-3, 4:4 et 10); confidence in the Lord Jesus is not shaken, one can still glory in the Lord, not having confidence in the flesh (1:6, 3:3, 4 :13); kept in inexplicable peace (4:7); loves continues betweens the saints (1:8, 4:1, 1:17); the hope of the Lordís coming remains firm (3:20). Faith overcomes all these circumstances (4:12-13) and the secret of this victory is to have Christ before our soul; He is our life (1:20-21), our example (2:5-9), our object and our goal in the glory (3:13-14), our hope (3:20), our strength (4:13).

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