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Meditation number 19


The verb to do, in two forms, gives a résumé of the passing from law to grace. Do, in the imperative mood, is a command while done is the past participle of the verb. The Old Testament says to man: “do”, summoning him to keep the law and its ordinances in order to obtain eternal life and escape the judgment of a law that curses the guilty. No man could ever say “done” because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But the New Testament, thanks to the finished work of the Lord Jesus at Golgotha, says to man : “done”, declaring the work of salvation accomplished, satisfying completely the righteousness and the holiness of God in connection with sinful man (and much more). Thus, to the command “do” given by the Old Testament, grace answers “done”. But now, under grace, to those for whom all has been “done”, the Spirit says “do”, not to obtain but in appreciation and love for the One who has done it all for us.

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