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Meditation number 15

The Urim and the Thummim

These two plural Hebrew words mean respectively, “lights” and “perfections”. They were associated with the breastplate worn by the great high priest and used to communicate the mind of God to his people (Ex. 28:30). They were thus worn, as were the precious stones, on the heart of the high priest (Lev. 8:8). Through the urim and the thummim, God could communicate his mind, on different occasions, perfect mind at that, which brought light to his people as to how they should walk or act. And this light manifested the perfection of both the Lord and of his wisdom and guidance. No one can define exactly what the urim and thummim were physically, God having chosen not it reveal it to us; but we know that they are part of these things which are shadows of things to come and that the body is of Christ (Col. 2:16-17, Heb. 9:11). Now in John 13, we have a precious instance where the lights and perfections in the heart of our high priest, the Lord Jesus Christ, are manifested. In this portion, the Lord humbled himself as a servant stooping down to wash his disciples feet, a foretaste of his service for us at the right hand of God (Eph. 5;26). A few verses later, still in John 13, they wanted to know who was the one that would betray Jesus (v. 24). Notice that John leans on his bosom as though he was interrogating his heart (v. 25). And the One in whose heart are lights and perfections, the true urim and thummim of God, gives light and perfection. John gets his answer; he can know who the traitor is – he gets this light. But recognizing the one to whom he would give the dipped sop (v.26), thus being honored of the Lord before all by this singular mark of special favor, would lead John to be more occupied with the one betrayed and that was acting in such grace towards his cruel betrayer. Light and perfection! John could know without his heart being distracted from beholding the glory of the Lord. Knowledge, even in the things of God, puffs up; but growth in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keeps the soul in true humility, deep joy and leads it into profound adoration! In a soon coming day the whole earth will benefit from the lights and perfections of Him who will reign supreme.

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