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HIMUSI - pronounced HIMUSSAÏ it really sounds biblical but it is neither Hebrew, nor Greek but good old English taken from Philippians 2 :3 « Let nothing be done through strife( party spirit, faction) or vain glory ». This coin word is made up of three pronouns – HIM, US, I, and expresses a dominating thought. The Lord Jesus is the HIM who should always hold the first place, then the collective interest, the US, are to be considered and lastly, the I, our own personal interest should come last. A party spirit (as the Greek word for strife suggests) is the putting forward of US rather than HIM; vain glory is the putting forward of me, the I taking the place of HIM. As Col. 1 :18 teaches, HIM must have the first place, the interest of Jesus Christ having preeminence (Phil. 2 :21), followed by the concern and care of the collectivity of saints and our own interest coming in last. We will then be able to manifest, in a measure, the character and the mind of the One described in Philippians 2 :5-8. For us, may it not be USIHIM, or IUSHIM nor any other combination than HIMUSI!

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