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Meditation number 12


Coals are often used as illustrations amongst Christians to encourage us to mutual fellowship. It is a well known fact that that isolating a burning coal will cool it off in a short while but that in the company of others they will mutually entertain each other. The disciples of Emmaus said : “ did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way and while he opened to us the scriptures”. (Luke 24 :32). If you gather cold coals, they will remain cold. But when there is contact with a burning coal then they too are ignited and heat up. In Psalm 31:12 (NT) we read « I am forgotten in their heart as a dead man “ – surely cold hearts towards Him even if the mind may know much about Him. But the heart of the Lord Jesus is ever burning with fervent love for us and He delights, as we are gathered around Him, specifically to remember Him in His death for us, to warm our cooled off hearts by His unchanging love. He alone is that coal burning with fervent, infinite, inexhaustible love that restores and warms ours so that they, in turn burn for Him. “He was made known to them in the breaking of bread “ (Luc 24 :35 NT) What love!

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