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Meditation number 3

The Waters

The waters under the heavens were gathered unto one place (Ge. 1:9). The waters speak of judgment and death; they are a picture of the waters that were gathered unto one place at Golgotha, on one Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. He could say: "The waters compassed me about, even to the soul" (Jonas 2:5),
"All thy waves and thy billows are gone over me" (Ps 42:7 et Jonas 2:3).
"I am come into the depths of waters" (Ps. 69:2 NT).
"The waters are come in unto my soul" (Ps. 69:1).
He entered into the deep waters, yes, but also in the depths of waters; that is to say that as deep as they could be, he entered into their depths. Notice the expressions of distress from Psalm 69: it does not say waters but the waters, that is to say all the waters. It is almost impossible for us to imagine the immense volume of the waters of the oceans but He measured them in the hollow of his hand (Is. 40:12). But all the waters of the oceans of the earth are but a feeble picture of what the immeasurable waters of judgment really were; he not only measured these in His hand but received them from His Father's hand. These waters of judgment entered into His holy soul and He exhausted them! So in like figure, He commanded the sea: Peace, be still (Mark 4:39) and there was a great calm. It is Himself and His sacrifice which permit, in type, for the dry land to appear (Ge. 1:9) for you and me, where we can stand without fear of ever perishing in the waters of judgment. Many waters cannot quench love (Song. 8:7); His love was compassed about by all the waters, bore the assault of all the waves and billows; His love made Him experiment the depths of the waters and receive all the waters in His soul. Who is this One to whom the sea obeys? (cf Mark 4 :41) Who is this One walking on the stormy waters? (cf Mat. 14 :25) The very One that entered the waters and in Whom the waters entered and He came out victorious! Glory to Thee Lord Jesus forever more! .

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