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The Son of God

This is a title of infinite depth. It belongs to a person, our beloved Lord Jesus Christ that we can consider in three different forms. We learn form Philippians 2:6 that before He took on the form of a simple man, He was in the form of God. Before He bore the name of Jesus, He was with the Father, the eternal Son, having been with Him from everlasting, being Himself God, one with the Father (John 17:1). He had then His own personal glory, the very glory that was veiled so that He appeared among men as a simple man, obedient, while still being very God. It is He who comes into the world in the manger in Bethlehem. Who is this miracle child, without an earthly father? The Son of God partaking of flesh and blood now in the form of a simple man in childhood! We see Him at the age of 12, in the temple taking up his Father's business (Luke 2:49) - as Son of God. At His baptism, the heavens open and the Father declares Him to be His beloved Son (Luke 3:22). Follow Him to Golgotha where He offers Himself, the eternal Son, the beloved One, as a burnt offering and as a sacrifice for sin; let us stop and gaze for a moment at such a scene that we may realize in a deeper way Who is this One to whom the wind and the seas obeyed, now stooping in lowliness to offer His life willingly, treated as a malefactor in our stead. What love! What grace! What unfathomable moral glory! He leaves His life; none could take it from Him. The third day He rises victorious over death - still the very Son of God now as a man in resurrection a form He will be in for all eternity. This is the One we will see and be like and with forever. From everlasting, He is God; but before his incarnation He was not a man. But now He remains a man, a glorified one after His resurrection and His ascension to the right hand of God the Father, the very place He had with the Father while in the form of God; now a man forever, never having ceased to be God and the Son of the Father (2 John 3).
The Son of God became the Son of Man so that the sons of men might become the sons of God. .

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